The Consistent Artist Manifesto

In response to the video "Consistency – Six Criteria To Judge How Cohesive Your Work Is"

by Jason Horejs - Xanadu Gallery

Consistent artist manifesto

Dear @JasonHorejs,

Consistency should not be an artist's concern. 

The problem is that people like you (art world businesses people) cannot explain...

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#Art DeBrand

I have just launched my new project: #Art DeBrand and set up a Facebook page on  and a Twitter account on very exciting!!

I will be seeking for collaborations to organize a group show in London to question art branding. For an artist, there are certa...

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I have been silenced by a trademarked artist

In June 2015, I was sent an email by a lawyer representing a trademarked celebrity artist who I had fairly commented on through my Brand Art Sensation artwork and exhibition which was due to open a week later.

I have been waiting for all this time to speak out about this because I was afraid of the...

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8th of June Private View

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Spunk Spoof Advertising!

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My Billboard has been banned!!!

The launch of Brand Art Sensation is being supported by a series of billboards that will appear in East London in late May and June to introduce the debate. After months of struggle, I have found a publishing company that has agreed on my small budget and allowed me to hire two billboard spaces ra...

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The making of the perfumes bottle "The Physical ethereality of Fragrance"!


The Physical Ethereality of Fragrance bottle is inspired by the apothecary bottles in Damien Hirst's Pharmacy in 1992. I would like this bottle to have an ultra-minimal design, but also signify a sense of suspense and ineluctability, something that would recall...

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The making of the perfumes bottle Teddy!

I have developed a fictional brand name and logo inspired to each of these celebrity artists: Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin and Grayson Perry. I have come up with: Diamonds & Heist, Eminent and Miss Clair. 

I am now creating special fragrances and artistic perfume bottles with the objective of reflec...

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The making of the perfumes bottle Spunk!


I knew it was going to be very hard to covey Tracey Emin extraordinary storytelling skills and absorbing sensibility in a bottle, so I concentrated on what the public still associates with her: her initial provocative and explicit works. ( or 


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Why these three artists?

I have chosen Damien Hirst (D+H), Tracey Emin (Eminent) and Grayson Perry (Miss Clair) as, in my opinion, they embody in different ways contemporary art luxury brands. Here is why I think that each one of these artists is  a good case study for Brand Art Sensation.

D+H; Damien Hirst & Advertising S...