The making of the perfumes bottle "The Physical ethereality of Fragrance"!


The Physical Ethereality of Fragrance bottle is inspired by the apothecary bottles in Damien Hirst's Pharmacy in 1992. I would like this bottle to have an ultra-minimal design, but also signify a sense of suspense and ineluctability, something that would recall H&D, but also be an original stand alone sculpture of mine. Being Venetian, I have some understanding of glass-blowing techniques, so I have sketched a sort of fusion between two traditional chemistry shapes; a flask and a test tube. Next, I added a hint of elegance and "ethereality" by suspending the tube and using a sparkling "blue stardust" colour in contrast with the clear glass of the flask. Lastly, I designed the cap, as a liquid drop, to aesthetically counterbalance the whole design.

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