These prints have been created to highlight the luxury goods branding nature of contemporary art and celebrity artists. 

Each of these artworks are printed on paper and have been designed to reflect the brand essence of three influential British artists (please read the disclaimer). Each concept was developed to echo in a parody the characteristics that might have helped make each artist famous and successful and eventually turned them into brands. The project aims at highlighting the brand stretching principles borrowed by contemporary art from luxury good strategies.

The posters introduce a fictional art brand and the launch of a new fragrance. Zaniol takes to the extreme how contemporary artworks in some cases look as if they were made for commodification and therefore has made for real, perfume sculpture and fragrances which were introduced to the public on the opening of Brand Art Sensation. 

Among these prints there is a QR code etching which was made for the exhibition at Gallery Different so that viewers could scan and interact with a traditional printing media and join the debate on this site.

Please note that these bottles and fragrances have not been endorsed, approved or vetted by the three celebrity artists whose artworks and/or image they parody, satirise or pastiche.