These silk scarves artworks have been created to highlight the luxury goods branding nature of contemporary art and celebrity artists. 

The scarves come in limited edition and have been thought to be for framing rather than wearing, as they function as a comment on the merchandising of artworks omnipresent in any exhibition or museum shop.  They have been designed to reflect the brand essence of three influential British artists (please read the disclaimer). Each concept was developed to echo in a parody the characteristics that might have helped make each artist famous and successful; such as the use of a playful character, shock or sexy provocative messages/art.

The silk scarves are 65X65cm and in an edition of 12 and come in acrylic box frames.

Please note that no artwork on this site has been endorsed, approved or vetted by the three celebrity artists whose artworks and/or image they parody, satirise or pastiche. The disclaimer at the bottom of this page should be read to avoid any confusion.